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Adhesive Tapes

Adhesive tapes made of polypropylene film in different colors. These tapes have  the advantages of، power ful،(strong) easy to use and versatile.


Paper Tape Adhesive

A tape made of special paper, characterized by high quality, durability and ease of use. It is used to protect surfaces during painting and decoration works, and is suitable for packaging uses.


Duct Tape

A tape made of special paper for various industrial purposes and is used within a wide framework in various fields, including ventilation ducts, central air conditioning and other uses.


Bubbles Wrap

Air bubble rolls are used for all types of protection of electrical tools, furniture and glass. Bubble rolls ensure complete protection of the product as it absorbs blows.


Stretch Film

Made of 100% plastic material, which is polyethylene, which has a high quality of transparency. There are more than one type of manual stretch film and machine stretch film


Aluminum Tape

A double-sided tape containing a paper side and the other side made of tin dyed with glue. And the glue is made from solvents or water-based glue


PP Strapping Band

Texture made of flexible plastic, suitable for domestic and commercial use. It is used to bond wood, building materials, paper, and electrical appliances


Warning Tape

A tape made of flexible plastics, printed in different colors, used as a tool for safety and warning.


Polythlene Films

Used in construction operations to control and limit the process of moisture and water leakage, and it has the ability to resist rotting and decomposition.